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Oct 26th, 2010

Does Cameron want to read your emails?

By RamziS

These plans would increase surveillance on our internet and phone use

These plans would increase surveillance on our internet and phone use

The government has just announced plans to spy on us all. They want to log the e-mail, internet, phone and text messages of everyone in the UK.

Whilst other projects face massive cuts  this new snooping project has just been promised £2 billion. During the election campaign both the Lib Dems and the Conservatives promised to “reverse the surveillance state” The reports of the government breaking this promise sparked a debate on our facebook page. The fear is that the ‘Intercept Modernisation Plan’ could be the start of a fresh assault on our civil liberties.

Thousands of 38 Degrees members have already signed a petition to tell the government that we do not want them to snoop on us. Buried amongst massive cuts, the government thought they could slip this by us. We need to show them that we will not take this lying down.

38 Degrees members know how to create a huge public outcry when the government attacks our civil liberties. Last year the Labour government thought they could force through internet disconnection plans without anyone noticing. 20,000 of us e-mailed their MPs and donated to fund full-page adverts in The Times and the Guardian on the day MPs voted on the new law. Back then, the government relied on the pre-election rush to get around us, but this time we can make sure they have nowhere to hide.

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