EU worst lobbying awards

Image by Worst EU Lobby Awards

38 Degrees members have campaigned against secret lobbying in the UK parliament. Earlier this year we had a big campaign win when the new government pledged to introduce tighter rules. However shady lobbyists also work in Brussels.  Here you can read about and vote for the EU’s Worst Lobbyist 2010.

Who will you vote for?

> Will you go forGoldman Sachs who lobbied against tighter regulations after the financial crises caused by banks?

> How about the hedge funds who fought against EU laws that would  control their tactics which have destabilised economies in the past?

> Or why not vote for Britain’s favourite bank-the Royal Bank of Scotland? RBS have purposely kept their lobbying secretive and have recently employed a former EU Industry Commissioner as an ‘advisor’.

Or you could go for one of the three energy companies who consistently lobbied against effective climate change laws?

Its your choice!