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Nov 3rd, 2010

Human Trafficking campaign causing a stir

By Sophie Mendes


Photograph by Karen Robinson

Our campaign telling the government to sign up to the new EU ban on human trafficking is really getting noticed, with partners such as Anti-Slavery International, the Independent on Sunday and ECPAT UK on board. This week, the Independent on Sunday (IoS) published an article about the campaign, telling it’s readers about why it’s important. Almost 13,000 people have already signed the petition and public pressure is growing all the time with more and more people talking about it.

The article in the Independent on Sunday shows just how many people are getting involved, with a play showing the horrors of trafficking to be shown in the House of Lords this month.  It also mentions the support of influential figures  such as Shadow Foreign Secretary Yvette Cooper and MP Caroline Lucas. Having the backing of the IoS is really helping show how important it is that the UK does sign up to these rules- just last week the IoS pulished another article revealing how Romanian children were made to work in awful conditions on a farm in Worcester.

38 Degrees members have been amazing in getting the campaign this far by signing the petition and spreading the word. It’s fantastic that so many people have got involved and the campaign can only get bigger. With our partners we can help change the government’s mind on this issue. When they realise how much support there is for the new rules, including continued attention from a broadsheet, they will have to listen and take notice.

What do you think 38 Degrees should do next to make the campaign even bigger and better?

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