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Nov 10th, 2010

Trump goes after pensioner for thousands of pounds in legal costs

By charlotte

Donald Trump

Photograph by Aaron Sneddon

Tripping Up Trump have been in touch to tell us about the latest news in their campaign to protect local families from eviction for Donald Trump’s golf course.

Recently 86 year old resident Molly Forbes had to drop the legal action she had started in order to keep her home because she was refused legal aid. Now the council and Trump are asking her to pay their legal costs which could be anything from £20,000 to £50,000. Trump is even asking for an additional fee to compensate him for the ‘inconvenience’ of being challenged!

Molly wonders why he’s going after her for money, saying “he’s so rich, he doesn’t need it does he? He could pay my expenses.” But when asked about Trump’s aggressive tactics, she told the Sunday Herald that she won’t be intimidated by Trump’s bully boy tactics.

38 Degrees members have been standing up to Donald Trump with the families facing eviction for more than a year now. Over 17,000 of us have signed the petition to Aberdeenshire Council to tell them not to give Trump special powers to evict people like Molly from their homes. If you haven’t signed the petition yet you can do so here: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/donaldtrump

We’ll keep working with Tripping up Trump to pile the pressure on Aberdeenshire Council not to let Trump force people from their homes.

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