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Dec 10th, 2010

38 Degrees T-shirts – any ideas?

By Eleanor Campion

Over the past few days, we’ve been talking about ideas for some 38 Degrees’ t-shirts. Please share your ideas here for what the t-shirts should look like, what they should say or whether or not we should have them at all.

There are two possible designs pictured here, but these are a starting point. The more ideas and feedback people give, the better the final t-shirt will be, so be as creative as you like! The only guidelines are that we need to include a 38 Degrees logo and come up with something that can be worn by both men and women, adults and children.

What do you think should go on the front and back? Large or small logos? What text should be on there? And would you think about buying a 38 Degrees t-shirt in the future?

These t-shirts could be a great way to help spread the word about the amazing people-powered movement we’re building at 38 Degrees. With over 250,000 members, we could end up with a 38 t-shirt in every town and village in the UK! Please help make sure the t-shirts are really great, by sharing ideas and posting your designs here.

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