We stopped the Nocton mega-dairy!

We won! Last week the companies behind the mega-dairy in Lincolnshire cancelled their plans. This is great news! Last week we saved our forests, stopped Donald Trump from kicking people out their homes for his luxury golf course and we stopped the mega-dairy!

We need to keep watching – the companies behind the plan may try again. But we should feel proud that together we stopped this US style factory farm from being built.

We didn’t do it alone. Our friends at Compassion in World FarmingFriends of the EarthWorld Society for the Protection of Animalsthe Campaign to Protect Rural EnglandSoil AssociationVegetarians International Voice for Animals,  and Campaign Against Factory Farming Operations also worked hard to stop these plans. When the Environment Agency weighed in to critisise the plans, it was the final straw-and the businesses pulled out.

We’ll update the blog with more news. But for now here are some highlights of the campaign:

Update 1: Here are a few more news reports: