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Feb 28th, 2011

What shall we do next together?

By Hannah Lownsbrough

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Photograph by 38 Degrees

There are now over half a million of us involved in 38 Degrees. We’ve proved that when we work together, we can make change happen.

So now we need to get together to answer an important question: what next?

Please share your ideas for what we should do next by adding them below, or you can join the discussion on Facebook.

How could we be ramping up our existing campaigns? Should we be doing more to save our NHS, or to stop Rupert Murdoch’s plans to take over BSkyB? How can we push George Osborne to stop giving tax dodgers such an easy ride?

What new campaigns could we work on together? Library closures? Cuts to Disability Living Allowance? Stopping changes to planning rules that could mean more woodlands get chopped down and built over? Backing pro-democracy protests in Libya? Bankers’ bonuses? 38 Degrees works because we all work together. So join the conversation and help decide what 38 Degrees does over the next few months by adding your comments below.

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