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Mar 17th, 2011

Stop Human Trafficking

By RamziS

38 Degrees members wanted to continue with the campaign against Human Trafficking. Members have been sending their MPs emails and signing the petition asking the government to get tough on human trafficking. We sent this email out last Wednesday:

Dear friend,

Will our government join European efforts to tackle human trafficking? It’s on a knife edge. And there’s no time to lose: the government is likely to make a decision, good or bad, in the next couple of weeks.

Stop Human Trafficking

Photograph by Karen Robinson

MPs could play a key role in pushing the government to do the right thing. They need to tell David Cameron and Theresa May that their voters want action to tackle trafficking. Let’s email our MPs today and demand they speak out.

Every year, criminal gangs traffic thousands of people into the UK. Once the victims arrive here, many of them, including children, end up in the sex trade. The new Europe-wide plan would make life harder for the criminal gangs, and mean better protection for the victims.

If our government refuses to join in, that would be a disaster: great news for the trafficking gangs, but terrible news for their victims. If enough of us contact our MPs this week, we can help make sure that doesn’t happen.

We will be delivering our petition – over 42,000 strong – very soon. Contacting MPs now will mean the government feels the pressure from all angles. We know that the combination of a public petition and personal messages to MPs can make a difference. That’s exactly what we did to change the government’s mind about selling off our forests.

For more information on Human Trafficking please visit the Anti Slavery Website at: http://www.antislavery.org/english/

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