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Apr 21st, 2011

NHS poll: the results

By luke.s

Over the past week, tens of thousands of us have been helping decide what we should do next with the NHS campaign.

The first phase of our campaign helped push the government to announce a “pause” to the reforms and a “listening exercise”.  So with some changes in the political situation, and a little more time before the legislation next appears before parliament, it made sense to take some time to decide what should do together next to step up the campaign.

Here are the results:

Question 1: How can we push our MPs to vote to save the NHS?

results of question 1 graph

Question 2: How can we persuade David Cameron and Nick Clegg that they have to totally rethink their NHS plans?

results of graph 2

Question 3: What could you do personally to help the campaign?

graph of question 3 results

Question 4: Andrew Lansley’s plans for the NHS contain many worrying proposals. Which changes do you think it is most important for us to campaign against?

graph of question 4 results

There are also a huge number of comments and suggestions which volunteers in the 38 Degrees office will be picking over carefully over the next few days. Here is a small selection of reasons why we’re involved in this campaign.

“Without the NHS I’d be long dead by now!”

“I am so against these changes. I have written letters to the local paper, written to my MP and more. I am a retired GP”

“What I don’t want when I see my GP is to see an accountant, who says ‘couldn’t you have a cheaper disease?’ ”

“Just keep up the pressure. I’m waiting for heart surgery so can only cheer you on from the sidelines.”

“My wife works as a Nurse in the NHS and even though the Government are saying they are pressing the pause button at a local level changes seem to be continuing to roll on.”

“It seems strange that I have wait 7 days to see my doctor but is he going to find the time to manage the NHS as well?”

What do you think of these results? Please share comments below.

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