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Jun 13th, 2011

Changes to NHS plans – what do you think?

By marie

Outside the Department of health

Photograph by 38 Degrees

This afternoon, Professor Steve Field published the results of the NHS “listening exercise” and right now, politicians, health professionals and journalists are pouring over the details.  Tomorrow, Cameron, Clegg and Lansley will give the government’s response.  But what do you think?

There are some signs that our campaign has made a massive difference.  The report recommends that the NHS regulator, Monitor, does not take on the duty “promote” competition and that the Health Secretary retains the responsibility to provide a comprehensive health care service. But we’ll have to wait and see  what is announced tomorrow.

Earlier this year, 38 Degrees members voted on the parts of Lansley’s NHS plans we were most worried about.  Here they are :

Decisions being taken behind closed doors – will any new commissioning bodies meet in public and be transparent to the public?

Threat to Government’s duty to provide a comprehensive health service – will the bill retain the legal duty upon the Secretary of State to provide a comprehensive health service?

Competition versus co-operation – will the bill support regulation which prioritises ensuring quality healthcare for everyone?

“Cherry-picking” by private healthcare providers – will the bill allow private companies to “cherry pick” NHS services?

Government isn’t listening to experts and patients – Has the government listened to the overwhelming concerns from across the medical profession and from patients?

No huge changes without proper trials first – Will these major changes be piloted first before rolling them out nationally?

What do you think of the “listening exercise” report?   What do you think Cameron, Clegg and Lansley will announce tomorrow?   Have you seen any helpful media articles? Add your thoughts below!

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