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Jun 14th, 2011

What’ll we do next together – vote ready soon

By Cian O'Donovan

Voting for what we do together next on Facebook38 Degrees members have submitted thousands of suggestions and comments over the past fortnight. A picture of what we are all going to do together next is starting to emerge.

The suggestions have been analysed by our team of volunteers at the 38 Degrees office and a shortlist is close to being finalised. The next step is voting together to help prioritise future campaigns.

But first, we all have some work to do to save the NHS.

Right now saving the NHS is our big priority. By signing the NHS petition, more than 420,000 of us have made this clear. This is a crucial week for the health service as the Future Forum reports back from its “listening exercise” and the government sets out its position once more. Together we have piled huge pressure on Cameron, Clegg and Lansley, we can’t afford to ease up now.

The 38 Degrees office is packed full of amazing volunteers and a small staff team. But at the moment, concentrating on making sure we can work together to save the NHS means getting the “what next?” vote ready can’t happen as quickly as we’d hoped.

With a bit of luck, we’ll have a chance to finish to building the poll in the next few days. Then, 38 Degrees members will be able to vote for their priorities on what we should do next together.


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