Great news! Eddy Cosmas released, but pressure still needed

Great news! Eddy Cosmas, the Tanzanian gay rights activist who was facing rapid deportation has been released from detention centre and taken off the unfair ‘fast-tracking’ process.

By working together with campaigners supporting Eddy like Movement for Justice, LGBT Asylum News and our friends at, we have prevented Eddy from a quick deportation to face prison just for being gay.

The battle is not over, Eddy has only been taken off the unfair ‘fast-track’ process and could still be sent back to Tanzania.

We need to keep the pressure on Theresa May, to grant Eddy the right to stay in the UK and to stop gay and lesbian asylum seekers from being rushed through the system on ‘fast-track’.

There are many more cases like Eddy’s where the government is rushing their cases through the system, despite promising to treat gay and lesbian asylum seekers fairly.