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Jul 28th, 2011

Thousands submit forestry panel ideas

By Mari Tunby

Volunteers and Staff handing in your messages and ideas for the Forest Panel

Photograph by 38 Degrees

Earlier this year 38 Degrees members scored a huge win when we helped force the government to scrap plans to sell of British forests. Now the Independent Panel on Forestry is deciding how they should be managed in future.

Thousands of us have sent in messages and suggestions for the forestry panel, a whopping 33,845 in total! On Wednesday, a special delegation of 38 Degrees staff and volunteers converged on Westminster to hand over the data.

Here are some of the things members have said:

“The forests and woods are places where people, especially those who live in built up areas, can enjoy a sense of freedom and well being, whilst enjoying the diversity of nature.”

“A sustainable resource that should be held in public ownership. They should provide areas of woodland that contain fast growing commercial timber, areas of farmed traditional species and areas of unmanaged woodland. All areas should be accessible for a majority of the time.”

“My vision is to have forests and woods that are owned, protected and managed by the government – not the private sector. This will ensure their survival for future generations.”

The panel told us they are now going to log all the suggestions made by 38 Degrees members and other members of the public. Their initial findings will be published in a progress report due in November this year. The final panel report will be ready in April of next year.

This is what people power looks like. Let’s keep working to make sure our forests are managed responsibly for us all and for future generation.

Update 1: here’s a video of highlight of the campaign:

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