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Aug 22nd, 2011

Our forests’ future: find out more

By Mari Tunby

Forest with Flowers

Photograph by the bubu (Flickr)

The forest campaign is still going strong after the tremendous victory in February where the Government decided to scrap the plans to privatize English woodlands and forests.

The forest panel was then set up to advise the government on how our forests are best protected. The panel is now going through the thousands of messages sent from 38 Degrees members and the greater public on what the forests mean to all of us and how their future should be protected. Lots of 38 Degrees members have been getting together to talk about our forests future, and to prepare messages are the panel. You can see if there’s a get-together happening near you here, or you could set one up yourself – read more about organising a forest get-together here.

Read more about the 38 Degrees forest campaign and the Independent Panel on Forestry or get more ideas for why forests are important by looking at some of the links below:

  • An expert opinion on protecting forests for their economic, social and environmental benefits

If you’ve got more ideas of articles we ought to include that might help people who are getting ready for events, then please share them in the comments section below.

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