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Aug 30th, 2011

NHS legal review on Duty to Provide & Competition – published today

By JohnnyChatterton

Earlier in the summer, 3,652 38 Degrees members from across the UK donated to pay for a legal team to get to the bottom of Andrew Lansley’s plans for our NHS.

For the last two months our independent legal team has been hard at work examining the government’s NHS plans. Now their legal reviews are ready – and they make grim reading.

If you want to find out more you can read a summary of the legal advice, and download both documents on this page.

This blog will be updated over the next few hours with more details of the legal review and ways you can get involved.

Find the PDF here: Download File

Update 1 – You can read the full legal reviews using the Scribd viewers below:

Duty to Provide legal review – NHS health and social care bill

Read the PDF here: Download File

NHS legal review: Competition and Procurement.

Update 2 – Media coverage from the results of our NHS legal opinions

NHS bill ‘will let Andrew Lansley wash his hands of health service’

NHS Reforms: ‘Govt Must Answer Concerns’

MPs Brace For Email Onslaught As 38 Degrees Target Health And Social Care Bill

Now lawyers move in to make a killing off Lansley’s NHS reforms

NHS ‘ripe for plunder’ under Tory reforms

NHS reforms end govt. accountability

Lansley will ‘wash his hands’ of NHS if Health Bill passed, lawyers warn

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