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Sep 1st, 2011

Save Our NHS Update: Lib Dem MPs are wavering

By becky

Andrew George MP

Photograph by Keith Edkins

UPDATE: It’s starting to work – this morning’s papers are reporting that key government MPs will refuse to vote for the government’s dangerous NHS plans.

That’s great news – and it comes after tens of thousands of us emailed our MPs. But more pressure is needed – email your MP now.

The Lib Dems have even called a crunch meeting for Monday afternoon to decide how to vote on the government’s NHS plans. We need to pile on the pressure before then, to make sure they decide to vote to protect our health service.

Thousands of us have already been in touch with our MPs this week. We’ve highlighted the dangerous threats to our health service, and demanded they respond to the evidence from our team of independent legal experts. One by one, we’re pushing MPs to rethink.

Yesterday afternoon a key Lib Dem MP, Andrew George, announced that he will take a stand against the dangerous NHS plan: “if it does not improve I will vote against it”.  If we can get enough MPs to follow his lead, we can stop these threats to the health service.

The vote is going to be a close call. Help tip the balance by e-mailing your MP now.

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