Have a Lib Dem MP? Call them today!


Photograph by Stuart Chalmers

Today’s a big day for your MP and our NHS.

Nick Clegg has called emergency talks today at 5pm, because he’s worried that Liberal Democrat MPs (including yours) are preparing to revolt and vote against the government’s changes to our National Health Service. People power is working.

The news is reporting that support for this bill “hangs in the balance” and many MPs “will not decide until the crucial meeting” if they’ll back Lansley’s plans. They might even push for the bill to be scrapped to protect our NHS.

Imagine your MP sitting in their office today, worrying about the big meeting and the vote. Every two minutes their phones goes, and each time it’s a 38 Degrees member from their constituency, telling them to stand up for our precious NHS. That could tip the balance, and send a clear signal to the government that this is bill is heading for the dustbin of history.

The 38 Degrees website makes it easy to call your MP. Enter your postcode, and you’ll get their number, as well as ideas about what to say when they answer the phone. Make the call now:

Photo: From Flickr by Stuart Chalmers – shared under Creative Commons licence.

Update 1 – You can tweet your Lib Dem MP too. 38 Degrees volunteers have put together a list of all Lib Dem MPs on Twitter.