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Sep 21st, 2011

38 Degrees: Don’t scrap environmental and wildlife protections

By 38 Degrees team

Back in April, the government caused a public outcry by considering scrapping vital wildlife and environment protections, claiming that they were ‘red tape’. The laws include the Climate Change Act, National Parks Act and the Wildlife and Countryside Act. These aren’t pointless pieces of ‘red tape’. They’re important safeguards for Britain’s wildlife and countryside, and the air and water we all share.

Groups like the RSPB and Greenpeace have been speaking out, telling the government not to consider scrapping these vital protections. We launched a massive people-powered petition which collected over 52,000 signatures opposing the environment section of the Red Tape Challenge.

Today marked the end of the consultation so we made sure they got a response they can’t ignore: thousands of 38 Degrees members’ signatures and comments saying exactly why these laws need to be respected, not labeled ‘red tape’. 38 Degrees volunteers went to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to hand in the huge petition.

Now ministers have three months to propose changes to the law. We’ll be keeping a close eye on them, to make sure they’re making protecting wildlife and the environment a priority.

The red tape challenge petition

Photograph by 38 Degrees



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