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Sep 26th, 2011

Save Our NHS poll – the results are in

By Nick

Over the last few days, thousands of us have been voting on what to do next together to save our NHS. The results of the poll are in and together we’ve come up with a plan for how 38 Degrees members can keep working together to protect our NHS. Volunteers in the 38 Degrees office have spent the last few days analysing every single response to the poll to help decide what we do next.

The results of our vote gave two clear priorities for persuading members of the House of Lords to make the crucial changes to the NHS bill:

  • get in touch with emails and letters, asking Lords to make amendments to the bill
  • find experts to meet Lords members and tell them what’s wrong with the NHS plans


Over the next few days the small staff and volunteer team will be getting started on turning these poll results into action. What do you think of the results? Are there other things you think we should be doing together?

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