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Oct 6th, 2011

Contact a Lord today!

By bex

Photograph by UK Parliament (Flickr)

Most of us don’t contact Lords or Baronesses all that often. But this week thousands of 38 Degrees members have been testing our brand new “contact a Lord” tool to persuade members of the House of Lords to protect our NHS.

The Lords start debating the government’s dangerous plans for the NHS next Tuesday 11th October. Thanks to the generous and rapid donations from thousands of 38 Degrees members we now have an easy way to get in touch with them.

These kind of web tools usually take months to build. This one has been built in a hurry because the Lords start voting next week. It hasn’t been easy setting it up. Volunteers in the office had to start by trying to track down the contact details of all 826 Lords and Baronesses, and get advice on the best ways of influencing them. Then we had to pay a team of a web developers to build the tool from scratch very quickly.

We haven’t contacted the House of Lords before. But with the help of 38 Degrees members testing the tool and then feedback on how well it works, we hopefully now have something which makes it easier for thousands of us take the next step in the campaign to save the NHS and contact a Lord or Baroness.

You can try out the tool now. Please share any comments or feedback once you have.

By all working together, we’ve already held up the government’s dangerous plans for our NHS and forced them to make some positive changes. But there’s still so much more to do. The more of us who contact Lords the better- they have the power to propose huge amendments or even reject the bill altogether. Imagine the impact we can have if we send thousands of messages to the House of Lords from 38 Degrees members up and down the country.

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