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Oct 12th, 2011

Emergency NHS Petition: Handed in to Lords

By bex

38 Degrees team handing in petition to an MP

Photograph by 38 Degrees

This morning some of the 38 Degrees team delivered our massive people powered NHS emergency petition to members of the Lords outside Parliament.

This afternoon the House of Lords are voting on whether to give the Bill proper scrutiny and examine important issues like the Secretary of State’s duty to provide.  In the last 24 hours, over 150,000 of  us have signed asking Lords and Baronesses to support the motion tabled by Lord Owen calling for a closer look at the NHS Bill. We have been getting up to 10,000 signatures an hour!

Thousands of 38 Degrees members have been getting in touch with the Lords using our new “contact a Lord” tool. Together with the petition it’s clear our message is getting through. Yesterday in the debate several Lords and Baronesses brought up correspondence they received from the public, and today many members of the House of Lords told us they supported the campaign to protect our NHS.

We delivered our huge petition to crossbencher Lord Hennessy (“crossbencher” means that he is independent from political parties) who is supporting  Lord Owen’s proposal, and several other members. Others have been in touch to say that together we are having a big impact showing that people do not support Lansley’s dangerous plans for the NHS.


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