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Oct 18th, 2011

Urgent Lords meeting – the NHS campaign continues

By bex

Photograph by UK Parliament (Flickr)

This Thursday at 2pm, 38 Degrees will meet with key Lib Dem members of the House of Lords. They’ve asked to us to bring along our independent legal experts to discuss the alarming impact the government’s plans could have on the NHS.

That’s not all we’ll be bringing to the meeting. We will also be handing in a copy of our massive people-powered Save our NHS petition, to show the senior Lib Dem Lords that hundreds of thousands of us are determined to protect the future of our NHS.

It’s the huge numbers of us involved with the campaign that forces politicians to sit up and listen. So let’s present them with a petition bigger than they’ve ever seen. We’ve already got 444,032 signatures – will your friends and family join in to help take it over half a million by Thursday?

You can help spread the petition by sharing on Facebook and Twitter

We had a disappointing result in the first round of voting in the Lords last week. One 38 Degrees member, Yvonne, summed it up on the Facebook page saying, “We may have lost the battle, but we have not lost the war!” If we can persuade senior Lib Dems to demand big changes to Andrew Lansley’s plans, we could stop some of the worst damage to our health service.

Our job is to let them know this isn’t just a technical issue for lawyers alone. Our legal experts we paid for together will provide the legal details. But what will really convince the Lords on Thursday is a tidal wave of public support. Let’s get to half a million by Thursday – sign the petition now!

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