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Nov 1st, 2011

Tell Cameron to tax the banks

By bex

David Cameron has a choice this Thursday when he meets with other world leaders in France- will he sign the UK up to a Robin Hood Tax, to reduce reckless gambling by the banks and raise billions for the world’s poorest people? Or will he try to block it?

Around the world, the pressure to support a Robin Hood Tax has grown- people power has helped persuade leaders to sign up to the plan. Now, we have an important role to play here in the UK. It looks like it could go either way. So far David Cameron has opposed a Robin Hood Tax. But as more and more governments sign up, Cameron wouldn’t want to look isolated on the international stage.

A big petition in the UK this week could tip the balance globally. Over 100 organisations, including 38 Degrees, Oxfam, Save the Children and the RSPB, are working together to deliver as many messages to David Cameron as possible.

British bankers have been leaning on David Cameron to block the tax. But together, we can make sure the UK doesn’t stop these plans going forward. We know that banks played a massive role in causing our economic crisis- the Robin Hood Tax would crack down on the free reign the banks have had with our money, and force them to make a fair contribution. The money raised could reduce poverty, improve public services and help get climate change under control.

If enough of us sign the petition to tell David Cameron we want the UK to play a positive role, he will think twice about blocking the Robin Hood Tax at next week’s global meeting.


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