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Nov 30th, 2011

Save our NHS bill in the Lords: competition briefing

By Sion Williams

The House of Lords could debate the most damaging proposals on competition in the NHS as early as next week. Together we decided to make standing up for our NHS a priority issue. Over the summer, thousands of us clubbed together to pay for independent legal advice. This confirmed our suspicions that the health bill leaves the NHS wide open to the most damaging effects of competition. But the government has already suffered setbacks in the Lords.  Now, using our contact a Lord tool, 38 Degrees members are reminding Peers to read our legal advice before they start to debate introducing more competition to the NHS.

You can write to a member of the House of Lords here.

You can read the legal advice below:

If you’d like to print or download the legal advice, click here for a PDF.

NHS legal review: Competition and Procurement.

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