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Dec 16th, 2011

Energy bills: sign the petition

By Sarah Bentley

Confusing energy bills? Not sure how to find the cheapest tariff? You’re not alone.

At the moment gas and electricity companies hide behind hundreds of confusing tariffs. They offer so many different prices it’s nearly impossible to find the cheapest. There’s now a chance to change this shady behaviour to get simple and fair tariffs for everyone.

Energy industry regulator Ofgem has launched a consultation on new rules for energy companies. Tougher rules could mean an end to tariff confusion and a better price for gas and electricity for everyone. We need to move fast so that Ofgem feels the pressure of people power. Giant energy companies will have started lobbying behind closed doors and British Gas have already taken out a series of newspaper adverts to counter the pending criticism.

Sign the petition to Ofgem to prove the public want a proper crack down on confusing energy tariffs

A few weeks ago 38 Degrees members decided to work together to stop the energy rip-off. Over 30,000 of us voted to make a plan.  Making energy tariffs simpler came top of the list.  Now we’ve got the chance to work together to tackle complicated tariffs once and for all – so that Ofgem make the changes to protect us.

We’d all benefit from simpler pricing that would make it easier to get the cheapest deal but for some of us it’s a matter of life and death. The government’s own figures say that up to 27,000 people died from the cold last winter. So let’s work together to end this outrage.

Together we can show Ofgem that people power can be stronger than big energy companies! Sign the petition to Ofgem

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