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Feb 6th, 2012

Getting together in Scotland

By marie

38 Degrees members get together in Glasgow

At the start of last year, 38 Degrees members helped make sure some people in Aberdeenshire weren’t evicted from their homes to make way for Donald Trump’s giant golf course.

Since then, a few of 38 Degrees biggest campaigns have been about issues that directly affect only England, like the Save the NHS campaign, and the successful campaign to stop England’s woodlands from being sold off.

With this in mind, David and Marie from the office team decided to head north to meet up with 38 Degrees members in Scotland, as well as some people from Scottish charities like Poverty Alliance and Friends of the Earth Scotland, and Members of the Scottish Parliament.

The idea was to get an idea of the kind of things that are happening in Scotland that 38 Degrees members might want to take action on in 2012.

Quite a few 38 Degrees members from Glasgow agreed to come along for a curry and to chat about what matters to them and what kind of change they want to see.

Re-nationalising the railways, saving Glasgow’s Accord Centre for people with learning disabilities, making sure there’s a second question about giving more powers to the Scottish Parliament in the independence referendum, the Scottish Government’s plans for gay marriage, and a possible new coal power plant at Hunterston – it was great to chew over some ideas.

This conversation’s only just getting started.  What do you think? Should 38 Degrees do more campaigning in Scotland?  If so what do you think we should work on together?

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