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Feb 20th, 2012

Crunch NHS vote on Wednesday

By Hannah Lownsbrough

Save the NHS Demonstration

Photograph by 38 Degrees

This Wednesday, there’s a crunch NHS vote in Parliament. MPs will vote on whether to demand the publication of a secret government report into the risks facing the NHS. That could be another nail in the coffin of Andrew Lansley’s plans – so let’s pile the pressure on our MPs to vote the right way.

Right now, Andrew Lansley is in a tricky position to defend. He wants MPs and Lords to back his plans for the NHS. But he’s refusing to let them find out what the risks are. If we work together to put our MPs under pressure, there’s a decent chance they’ll refuse to do Lansley’s dirty work for him.

This vote could go either way – send your MP an email asking them to back publishing the secret report – it takes two minutes.

Has your MP replied to your email? Share their answer in the comments section below, so that other 38 Degrees members can read what your MP said. Or if you’ve got ideas for how to reply to other MPs’ responses, you can share them here too.

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