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Mar 19th, 2012

March Member Poll: Results now In!

By James Rees

38 Degrees members decide together what we campaign on. Polling enables us to get a clearer picture of what our key priorities are. A few weeks ago, thousands of us voted on what the next set of campaign priorities for 38 Degrees will be – and now the results are in!

A team of volunteers in the 38 Degrees office start by reading the ideas suggested on the 38 Degrees Facebook page, Twitter, the blog, on the website  and by email. A shortlist of the most popular ideas are then gathered together for the poll to be sent to 38 Degrees members. For more information on how the team sorts this data have a look at this blog.

Then thousands of 38 Degrees members voted on the campaigns they thought were most important to prioritise campaigning on.

The priorities, in order of the number of “a lot” votes they received, is:

  • NHS: Continue the campaign to protect the NHS
  • Tax Dodging: Demand a real clamp down on tax dodging
  • Lobbying: Continue to demand a real ban on secret lobbying
  • Bankers Bonuses: Stop excessive bankers bonuses
  • Executive pay: Stop excessive levels of pay for top executives
  • Protecting our forests: Continue speaking up for our forests and oppose any future sell off
  • Electricity and gas bills: Stop rip off gas and electricity bills
  • Privatising the police: Campaign against plans to privatise key bits of the police
  • E-petitions: Campaign to tighten up the rules on government e-petitions
  • 50p Tax: Campaign to keep the 50p tax rate

Below is a graph of the poll results.

What next?

These results will determine where we put most of our efforts over the coming weeks and months. It means the office team have a clear direction to follow, when they are deciding how to research campaign opportunities, or developing ideas for how we work together in the future. Sometimes we have to wait for the best moment to effectively create change by moving together.

What do you think?

What do you think of the results? Are there any other campaigns you think should be on the list? Post in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.


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