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Mar 19th, 2012

NHS risk register: last minute debates

By minesh

NHS Petition Handover to Lord Owen

38 Degrees's David handing over petition to Lord Owen today

This morning 38 Degrees delivered a petition to Lord David Owen carrying almost half a million of our names, calling for the health bill to be withdrawn and rethought.

This afternoon, Lord Owen, an influential crossbench peer, held up the petition in the House of Lords. He used it to remind Lords and Baronesses how many of us care about the risks that these reforms pose to our NHS. Baroness Jay mentioned our petition in the debate too.

Lord Owen then called for for a vote on whether all discussions about the government’s plans should be postponed until the government publishes the national risk report which explains its dangers.

Sadly, Lord Owen lost the vote by 213 to 328.

38 Degrees members have been working together to save the NHS for well over a year now. We’ve emailed our MPs, written to Lords, put up posters, paid for billboards in our towns and handed out leaflets to spread the word. We’re the first people to present a petition in the House of Lords since the early 1990s.

Right now, the 38 Degrees office team are figuring out what this vote means for the NHS campaign. What do you think we should all do next?

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