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Mar 21st, 2012

Big Switch: Sign up your Street

By 38 Degrees team

Big Switch letter example

Click here to Download an example letter to pop through your neighbours’ doors.

Six weeks ago, switching gas and electricity companies as one big group was just an idea. Now 200,000 of us are taking part, MPs are signing up to support us and the expert negotiators are getting ready. We’re going to make it happen! If you’re not taking part yet, you can read more and sign up here.

Now it’s time to take it to our streets. There’s a 38 Degrees member on pretty much every street in the country. Imagine if each of us went out and spread the word about The Big Switch with a personal letter to our neighbours. We can give everyone the chance to join in – and every extra person means we can bargain even harder with the gas and electricity companies.

Could you pop a letter through a few doors on your street? You can get an example letter to edit (if you want) and print out here.

Tips for signing up your street

Everyone knows how to put a letter through a letterbox, but here are a few tips:

  • If you have time, please change the letter and put it in your own words
  • Don’t forget to sign it and say who you are – if you want, you could even include your telephone number so they can get in touch with any questions
  • Don’t worry about putting it in an envelope
  • Remember to let them know where they can sign up online and that they don’t have to switch if they don’t like the offer that they get
  • If you know another 38 Degrees member on your street, what about doing it together?
  • If you’re uncomfortable approaching one or two houses on your street, don’t worry about missing a few addresses out
  • Some people have very stiff letterboxes, so please watch your fingers. And don’t forget to watch out for people’s dogs, too!

If you have any more ideas you can post them in the comments section below.

Click here to Download an example letter to pop through your neighbours’ doors.

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