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Apr 2nd, 2012

NHS: 38 Degrees members vote to continue the campaign

By 38 Degrees team

NHS petition being carried on a stretcher to the Department of Health

Over the last week, 38 Degrees members have been voting on whether to carry on the fight to Save our NHS. There’s now no doubt about the answer: a huge 96% have voted “yes, we should carry on campaigning to save the NHS”.

More than 45,000 38 Degrees members have also shared ideas for tactics in the next stage of the campaign. Right now, the 38 Degrees office team is reading through all the ideas for how to protect our health service, and seeking advice from experts – including health professionals, lawyers and academics – to help draw up a shortlist of the top ideas.

38 Degrees members have made some brilliant suggestions. Anna, from London says “Make sure that new NHS structures are made accountable to local people every step of the way.” Sarah, from Altrincham suggests we should “Support doctors standing as Save NHS candidates in elections, to keep the issue fresh.”

Once all the ideas have been collated and analysed,we’ll need to vote together to decide what we’ll do next together to save our health service.

In the meantime, if you have other ideas about next steps on the NHS campaign, please share them in the comments section below.

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