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Apr 17th, 2012

Government snooping: email your MP

By minesh

Surveillance Officer

Internet snooping – what’s David Cameron’s next move? The next two weeks are crucial. The government could decide to push ahead with their plans to spy on all of us. Or they could realise the public outcry will be overwhelming and they need to back down.

They will decide which way to go before the “Queen’s Speech” on 9th May. That’s the official ceremony where the Queen reads out David Cameron’s plans for next year.

We can win this campaign – if we turn up the pressure before 9th May. Lots of Lib Dem and Conservative MPs have already spoken out against the plans. Now we need to get enough of them to write to David Cameron and tell him how unpopular these plans are – to make him realise he has to back down.

If you’ve got a government MP – can you take 2 mins to send them a short email asking them to write to David Cameron calling for the plans to be dropped?

David Cameron has been having a tricky few weeks, and knows he is currently behind in the polls. He won’t want another unpopular issue on his hands! If he starts getting letters from dozens of government MPs, all telling him the snooping plan is bad news, it could convince him he needs to drop it from the 9th May Queen’s speech.

Over 130,000 38 Degrees members have now signed the petition against the plan. We’re coming together to stand up for our privacy on the Internet, because we know what a powerful force for good the web can be. The government has no business placing us all under surveillance.

Write to your government MP and tell them to speak out against the snooping plans.

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