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Jun 26th, 2012

Forests in danger again?

By spyro.l

Surely not again! There are worrying rumours of a behind-the-scenes effort to revive plans to sell off England’s woodlands. We may have less than a week to stop them and keep our forests safe for future generations.

Next week, the government’s forest panel will publish new report on the future of our woodlands. Rumours are circulating that some panel members want to clear the way for a fresh sell-off. We’ve got a few days to persuade the rest of them to block this new threat to our beautiful woodlands.

Please add your name to the urgent petition now, and then let your family and friends know. We’ll do an emergency delivery to each of the panel members before next Wednesday.

It’s a bit depressing that anyone still thinks selling off England’s woodlands is a good idea! But maybe it’s not all that surprising – the government members of the forest panel includes vested interests from the private timber industry. A huge people powered petition could help sway undecided panel members and make sure these vested interests don’t win out.

English woodlands are at their best at this time of year. Animals and plants are flourishing. A new generation of children is learning to ride bikes and climb trees. For those of us that live in cities and towns, woodlands give us a chance to slow down and enjoy nature. And for tens of thousands of people, jobs in forests pay their wages.

Last year, half a million of us stood together and prevented the government from selling off our forests. Now it’s time to come together again to speak up for these beautiful wild places.

Let’s make sure the forests panel has the courage to protect these precious places – sign the emergency petition now.


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