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Jul 25th, 2012

38 Degrees Members in Victory for Dairy Farmers

By Sondhya Gupta


Over the past couple of weeks, milk prices have been in the news. Farmers have been struggling to make ends meet because they’re being paid too little for the milk from their cows – sometimes less than it costs to produce the milk in the first place.

By the start of this week, after pressure from farmers, all the major supermarkets except Asda had agreed to pay a price at least in line with the cost of milk production.

A petition signed by thousands of 38 Degrees members helped put pressure on Asda to increase the price they pay farmers for their milk. And it worked! Just hours after launching the petition Adsa got in touch with this statement:

“We have continued to listen to our farmers and their growing concerns about the forecast cost of winter feeding. With that in mind, Asda will be increasing the premium paid to our DairyLink farmers by a further 2 pence per litre from August until the end of the year”.

On reading the news on Facebook, 38 Degrees member Julie wrote: “BRILLIANT RESULT! Good to know that we can make a difference.”

Fiona said: “Great news! Thank you everyone who signed the Petition”

Rob added: “Good news for my farming family”

Another win for people power!

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