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Jul 27th, 2012

NHS: Draft active citizens guide

By becky

It’s been a bit quiet over the last few weeks on the NHS campaign. But things are about to hot up again.

The 38 Degrees office team have been working with Tim Treuherz (38 Degrees member, lawyer and NHS expert), he’s written the first draft of a guide to be used by 38 Degrees members to really get involved in protecting our NHS from some of the worst bits of the government’s NHS changes.

This is a draft document. It is 38 Degrees members who will use this guide and make it work – so please suggest edits, improvements and case studies.

Tim’s a real expert in the government’s NHS changes, and he’s also a lawyer, but that does mean that some of the language might be a bit legalistic. So here’s a few questions to prompt you – please do comment away, the more of us that suggest improvements, the more effective we’ll be at protecting our NHS.

  • Is the guide easy to understand?
  • How is the structure?
  • There’s also potentially a piece of work missing from this guide. Would a step-by-step guide with the ‘how do I actually do this?’, be useful?
  • Is there anything else missing?
  • Do you have any case studies or examples?
  • Can you road test this guide?
    – Can you identify your local CCG from the map?
    – Has your local CCG announced any public meetings yet?
    – Has your Council’s Health Scrutiny Committee received any reports on the new NHS in your area?
    – Can you identify any tenders in your area from Supply2Health?

Here’s the document: [iframe src=”http://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.38degrees.org.uk%2Fpage%2F-%2Fdocuments%2FActivecitv2.forblog.doc.pdf&embedded=true” width=”580″ height=”780″ style=”border: none;”]

You can download the document here.

So please comment on this blog below here.

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