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Sep 18th, 2012

Message to the BBC’s new Director General

By spyro.l

Volunteers handing in the open letter at the BBC

The BBC’s new Director General, George Entwistle started his job this week and to congratulate him, 38 Degrees delivered a card signed by over 22,000 members with the following message:

Dear George Entwistle

Congratulations on your new job as the BBC Director General.

The BBC is hugely respected all over the world. Please make sure you protect it and keep it safe from political game playing.

We know that this government is full of people who want to see big cuts to the BBC, which means the new Director General is bound to come under pressure from politicians. By delivering a card to him containing the open letter from thousands and thousands of 38 Degrees members, we showed that we’ll back him if he ever needs to defend the BBC’s independence.

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