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Sep 21st, 2012

Top legal advice to save our NHS

By spyro.l

Image of the 38 Degrees guide for Clinical Commissioning Groups

Across England, local doctors are forming Clinical Commissioning Groups. It’s part of the government’s dangerous plan to re-organise the NHS. There’s a risk that CCGs could bring in more privatisation, as private companies get ready to bid for contracts by promising to cut costs. Vital services could be put at risk.

But together, 38 Degrees members have a plan to protect our NHS. Right now, doctors on Clinical Commissioning Groups are considering how they should be formally organised and what rules the CCG should follow. The last thing most doctors want is to carve the NHS up for private profit. If we work together, we can convince the doctors on CCGs to adopt wording and variations into their rules that would protect the NHS.

Over the last few months, lots of 38 Degrees members have chipped in to help fund 38 Degrees campaigns. That’s meant we’ve been able to pay for specialist lawyers to research and write robust wording which CCGs can adopt into their constitutions, without breaking the law. That would help protect our NHS from the worst risks of the government’s plans.

Here’s the plan:

– First, by signing the petition we can show our local CCGs that hundreds of local people back them standing up for the NHS.

– Second, 38 Degrees members in Islington can get together locally, to talk about what we want for our local NHS and how we’re going to take that message to our local CCGs.

– Third, we can arrange to meet with our CCGs to hand over the petition, and deliver a guide that will help them to defend the NHS. This guide contains the wording produced by the lawyers.

Click here to download a PDF of our Guide for CCGs. (4.2 Mb File)

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