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Dec 7th, 2012

Tax dodging: Christmas shopping guide

By [email protected]

Thousands of 38 Degrees members have voted and over 95% of us agreed – tackling tax dodging should be a major focus for 38 Degrees over the next few months. And our main aim: target individual dodgers, but make sure the government fixes our broken tax system.

With the big Christmas shopping rush getting fully underway, some of the biggest tax dodgers are set to make a fortune in the next few weeks. So as a first step we’ve made a guide of tax-dodging brands to avoid when buying presents this year. These businesses rely on their brand name to make them millions, so let’s make sure everyone is aware of the tax dodging tricks they use.

When 38 Degrees members challenged McDonalds, Coca Cola, Adidas and others, we saw the biggest brands in the world instantly respond to being embarrassed in public over their Olympic tax affairs. As a result of 38 Degrees members’ pressure, all the Olympic sponsors agreed not to dodge their tax at the games.

From local record shops right up to the big names like John Lewis, British businesses are being undercut by their tax dodging rivals. George Osborne’s making all the right noises to tackle tax dodging, but his track record tells another story. And today in parliament, he admitted that the economy isn’t meeting the targets he set for recovering from a recession.

By keeping the tax dodging companies in the public eye we’ll make sure that government are forced to offer real solutions to the problem, and not just try to sweep it under the carpet.

Click here for a Guide to Spotting Tax Dodgers with links to newspaper articles on each dodger. Share the posters and website far and wide

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