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Jan 17th, 2013

Save Our Bees

By Robin Priestley

a bee on a flower

British bees are dying. With some species already extinct, our bees are in real danger. Our best hope to protect them could be to persuade the government to ban the pesticides that harm them.

This week, a report from leading scientists confirmed a specific pesticide poses a real danger to our bees. This could be enough evidence to force the government into bringing in this vital ban, but the chemical giants who make these pesticide will be lobbying against a ban.

Together, we can outweigh the lobbying pressure of these big companies. If enough of us contact our MPs it will prove protecting our bees is an issue thousands of us care about. If hundreds of MPs demand the government review its decision, they are more likely to take notice and ban these harmful pesticides.

Can you help by telling your MP about the new evidence and asking them to demand our bees are protected?

Governments across Europe have already banned these particular pesticides. They are willing to stand up to the chemical companies who make them, now we need the UK government to do the same.

The report from the European Food Safety Authority describes one of these pesticides as an ‘unacceptable’ danger to bees.  The government has said it will review the new evidence, but everyday that goes by more species of bees could be lost. Let’s put pressure on our MPs to act now.

Standing up to protect our bees isn’t a decision about party politics. Most MPs won’t want to sit around doing nothing whilst our bees are in real danger. But we have to prove to them it’s the right thing to do and it’s an issue voters care about. Together, let’s take a stand against the chemical giants and act now to save our bees before it’s too late.

Email your MP now.


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