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Jan 21st, 2013

Campaign ideas for 2013

By 38 Degrees team

In October over 10000 members of 38 Degrees answered the question 'If 38 Degrees had a dream, what could it be?'. This is a 'word cloud' of the key themes.

In 2012, 38 Degrees went from strength to strength. So together, we can afford to think big about the things we can achieve together in 2013. Over the last few weeks 38 Degrees members have been suggesting ideas for things we can campaign on together in 2013. 38 Degrees members have suggested over 1200 ideas on the 38 Degrees website, on Facebook and Twitter and by email.

In total over 400,000 votes were cast and thousands of people suggested ideas on Facebook and by email. Here are the most popular ideas suggested:

– Tax: Closing tax loopholes for the super-rich, getting government action to stop companies avoiding tax and higher tax on second homes were all popular issues.

– NHS and Social Care: Improving care for elderly and people living with a disability, better pay for carers and protecting the NHS from privatisation.

– Privatisation: Exposing politicians who benefit personally from privatisation, protecting our public services from privatisation and renationalising the railways.

– Energy and Climate Change: Removing VAT from domestic heating and lighting bills, making homes more energy efficient and stopping energy suppliers from raising prices.

– Benefits and Social Security: Tackling unfair assessment of people living with a disability as ‘fit to work’, publicising the facts about benefits and unemployments and protecting the rights of elderly and people living with a disability.

The 38 Degrees staff team totted up the suggestions within different areas. You can see the full list of ideas suggested. You can also check out and suggest ideas on the 38 Degrees Facebook page.

What next?
Protecting our NHS and tackling tax dodging are already big priorities for 38 Degrees. But these suggestions all help build a better picture on the areas 38 Degrees members want to campaign on. The results will help determine where we put most of our efforts over the coming weeks and months.

What do you think?
What do you think of the results? Are there any other campaigns you think should be on the list? You can share your ideas in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.


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