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Jan 28th, 2013

Freezing Danger – Councillors respond

By Alice

Snowy street

Photo: Russell James Smith

38 Degrees members have been campaigning to highlight the danger cold weather presents to homeless people. Over 20,000 letters have been sent by members to councillors across the UK asking them what they’re doing to help get people off the streets on cold nights.

If you’d like to send an email to your councillor you can do so here.

We’ve had a fantastic response from  the councillors we’ve emailed including some councillors who are 38 Degrees members themselves!

Here are just a few quotes from some of the lovely emails we’ve received:

“…As a county councillor in Gloucestershire I take your point completely. I will be asking district councils what they are doing…”
Cllr Brian Oosthuysen, Gloucestershire County Council

“Hi I am please to tell you that all the councillors in Poole are all aware of our Rough Sleepers in fact one councillor told me he had had 30 email all the say!!!!! He had never heard of 38 degrees!!!!!! Well he has now.
Thanks so much”
Wendy, 38 Degrees member

“I hope the below helps to reassure you that the council does ‘care’ about those homeless people sleeping rough and fully complies with it’s legal and indeed moral obligations… As a result of your E-Mail I have further looked into the issues and hopefully the information I send to you will be of some interest.”

Cllr John Stone, Wakefield Council

“A good caring question to which I have no answer but there must be one. I am therefore going to forward your question over to our MP Andrew Bridgen for him to answer.
I expect that Andrew will reply to me and I will then advise you accordingly.”
Cllr Graham Allman, North West Leicestershire District Council

“I have asked to be given a list of ‘the partners in voluntary sector’ that [my councillor] mentioned, and your communication has encouraged me to want to volunteer.
Rosie, 38 Degrees member

“Thank you for your thoughtful message this morning, regarding the Council’s involvement with the welfare of rough sleepers in this frightful weather. I know that the Council plays a part in assisting them in such times, but I shall enquire about the day by day actions which are undertaken.”
Cllr Jeff Ody, Wiltshire Council

If you’d like to contact your local councillors click here to send them an email.

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