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Mar 19th, 2013

MP Bingo – The Energy Bill and the ‘green jobs’ amendment

By [email protected]

See which target MPs have signed up to the ‘green jobs’ amendment so far (and email them if they haven’t!):

“… the choice facing Britain is clear. We can embrace the technology of the future, set a target to reduce our present heavy dependence on fossil fuels and upgrade our electricity system. Or we can cling to the combustion-based technologies of the past, gamble the future on assumptions about the availability of abundant cheap gas and slow down the process of decarbonising our economy.”

Tim Yeo MP, former Conservative environment minister

The pressure on MPs to back carbon-free electricity is growing! Thousands of 38 Degrees members have emailed their MPs asking them to sign up to an amendment by Tim Yeo MP that would reintroduce tough decarbonisation targets. Already some key target MPs have said they’ll support it – now we need to build the pressure and make sure we can get enough MPs on side to win.

Tim Yeo’s ‘green jobs’ amendment would make sure the UK is back at the heart of the green energy revolution. If it passes, it would be a huge win for our household bills, our jobs, and our planet. George Osborne thought he’d buried the plan once, but there’s trouble on the horizon. Lots of MPs have said they’ll vote for the amendment to be included in the Energy Bill – but not enough.

If we’re going to win we need to get more MPs on side, and the MPs above are key targets. They’ve spoken publicly about the dangers of climate change. If we put enough pressure on them, we can turn their words into real action.

You can scroll over their faces to see their quotes. Four senior Lib Dems – Tim Farron, Julian Huppert, John Hemming and Martin Horwood – have already said they’ll be supporting the amendment. That’s great news – but now it’s up to us to ensure that every other MP says they’re on board too.

Email your MP now. If they’re on our bingo card above, you can use their quotes to persuade them – but even if they’re not, the amendment needs their support just as much if it’s in with a chance of getting passed. Forward any replies into the office team – and check back here regularly to see who’s signed up!

PS Has an MP on this list publicly supported the amendment? Get in touch so this page can be updated.

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