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Apr 5th, 2013

Bees: Breaking News

By Megan Bentall

Breaking news! This morning, the Environmental Audit Committee released its own report on the effect of pesticides on bees, criticising DEFRA’s tests and urging them to ban the use of these pesticides. It’s up to these committees to investigate and consider government policies. The fact that they are questioning DEFRA’s work and decisions shows that the science just doesn’t add up.

Last month, environment minister Owen Paterson refused to vote in favour of a ban of harmful pesticides that are killing our bees.

Owen Paterson and DEFRA claim this is because they needed their own field tests on the effects of these pesticides to be completed. Their tests are now completed – and DEFRA say their results don’t support a ban. But they’re almost entirely alone in thinking this.

Luckily there’s a chance for Paterson to fix this. At the end of the month there is going to be an appeal vote in the European Commission. If the UK stops abstaining and votes to support the ban there should be enough of a majority for it to pass. Scientists and organisations across Europe are urging Owen and DEFRA to look at the mountains of evidence stacking up and vote in favour of the European Commission ban.

We need to keep the pressure on Owen Paterson. He might be happy to ignore mounting scientific evidence across Europe and the advice of the UK’s own Environmental Audit Committee, but public opinion is against him. If we hand in a massive petition urging him to support the ban he won’t be able to ignore that!

Sign the petition now telling Owen Paterson to change his mind and vote to support the ban.


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