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Apr 19th, 2013

npower: we’re causing a splash

By becky

Npower are rattled. We knew that to get Npower to stop using accounting tricks and pay their fair share of tax, we needed to make a splash – and prove that the public opposition was HUGE.

Great news, over 80,000 of us have signed the petition already. And it’s working! 38 Degrees has been all over the media – in The Sun, Mirror and The Guardian.

Npower are running scared, they’ve even put out a  press statement in response to our campaign.

Independent tax expert, Richard Murphy has already responded here.  Here’s one of his main points:

“And in that case I think 38 Degrees are right to protest and to suggest that reform is needed to the UK tax system to end this possibility. What is more, I think NPower, by offering an excuse for non-tax payment that simply does not consistently stack shot themselves in the foot and showed they had something to hide here.”

You can sign the petition here.

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