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Apr 19th, 2013

Update: European climate vote

By [email protected]

Update: it’s bad news. It was a great effort, but the big climate vote in the European Parliament didn’t go our way. It was a close call – with 334 MEPs against the reform, and 315 in favour.

We didn’t make it easy for them. Together, 38 Degrees members sent over 51,000 emails pushing them to vote the right way. MEPs in Brussels certainly felt our pressure, and we persuaded four Conservatives MEPs to vote with us (Nirj Deva, Richard Ashworth, Malcolm Harbour and Robert Atkins).

It’s frustrating when we don’t win, especially when it’s on something as important as climate change. This time, it wasn’t enough. But now we have the technology and form to put pressure on MEPs in the future. People power is coming to Brussels and they’d better watch out!

Over the next few weeks there’ll be fresh opportunities to make a difference on climate change. Here in the UK, together we can continue our push for a clean energy target in the energy bill. Click here to get involved.

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