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May 26th, 2013

Keeping the lights on in 2030: 8 days left to decide how

By [email protected]

In 2030, what will be keeping our lights on? Our energy future is a £25bn question – and on June 4th, MPs will vote on the answer.

The choice facing the UK is clear. Either we choose clean energy sources over dirty ones – or we don’t. Either we stop 550 million extra tonnes of carbon belching into our atmosphere – or we don’t. Either we commit to cleaning up our energy sector, to meeting our climate change targets, and to creating tens of thousands of new jobs – or we don’t.

The government’s draft energy laws are back in parliament on June 4th. If we’re going to make sure that MPs make the right choice on our energy future, we have 8 days to convince them.

And over the past few months, 38 Degrees members have been pretty convincing. Together, we’ve seen 15 of our target MPs switch sides. Here’s how:

Energy Bill: the campaign so far

Parliament’s taking a break, so MPs are back in their constituency for the next week. They’ll be reading their local papers – so together, 38 Degrees members are making sure that our message gets through. So far, nearly 1000 of us have written letters to our local newspaper editors to let MPs know that on June 4th, they’ll be under scrutiny.

If your MP is Conservative or Lib Dem (and especially if they’re a Lib Dem, seeing as a 2030 target is Lib Dem party policy), write to your local paper quickly and easily by clicking here.

We have 10 days to persuade enough MPs to make the right choice. Are you in?

If you are, and you want to do more – like leaflet your neighbours or pop in to see your MP in person – please email us at energybill@38degrees.org.uk.

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