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Jun 5th, 2013

Urgent Badgers vote

By becky

It’s begun. The barbaric pilot cull of thousands of badgers started on Saturday. But there’s a spark of hope.

Mary Creagh MP has called a vote in parliament on Wednesday. Although not legally binding, it could be our last chance. If we cause a big enough backlash by MPs across all political parties, it might be enough to halt the cull and make sure our badgers are safe.

We’ve only got 24 hours to persuade our MPs to vote to stop the cull. MPs from the Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour have all vowed to vote to stop the cull. Can you email your MP now to make sure they turn up and vote to stop the cull too?

Every day, up to 70 badgers could die because the government says it’s necessary to stop the increase of TB in cattle. But scientists say that the policy will have “unimpressive results” in reducing TB, and the evidence in support of a cull is shaky.

The last thing the government wants now is for us to ramp up the attention around this vote. If we’re going to stop the cull, thousands of us have to email our MP and persuade them to vote against the cull on Wednesday.

Getting enough of a backlash is a long-shot. But we know that people power works. In the last week alone we managed to force the government to pledge “never” to introduce a limit on the number of times we’re allowed to visit our GP.

Badgers have been part of the British countryside for generations,and we want to protect them for generations to come. If we’re going to stop the cull, numbers count. The more of us that email our MP, the more chance we have of persuading the government that they should change their minds.

We’ve got 24 hours. Email your MP now.

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