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Jul 1st, 2013

Member Poll: June 29th

By [email protected]

As members of 38 Degrees, all of us have a say on what we campaign on. The issues we campaign on together, we decide together!

To really get a handle on the issues that matter most, the office team send out a weekly poll to a randomly selected group of members – if you haven’t received one lately, don’t worry, the chances are you’ll be asked soon!

Every Monday morning the office team gets together and digests the results of this poll, using the information to prioritise what we campaign on that week. The popular issues brought to the table this week included: the continued fight to protect the NHS, the desire to crack down on tax dodging companies, and the will to keep pushing the government to fight climate change. The results of the poll can be seen below:

Do you have a campaign suggestion? Email us on emailtheteam@38degrees.org.uk or join the discussion on Facebook, on the 38 Degrees Twitter feed, and our campaigns forum Uservoice.

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