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Jul 11th, 2013

Hull: Save Clifton and Lambert Nurseries

By Rebecca Falcon

This blog post is on behalf of Dr. Julian Haseldine, a 38 Degrees member from Hull:

I care about children in Hull getting the best possible start in life, that’s why a few weeks ago I signed a petition to save two of our local nurseries from closure. Hundreds of us got involved and our huge public outcry forced the council to think twice about their plans to cut the nurseries – and extend the consultation on their future.

It’s crunch time. The consultation on Clifton and Lambert nurseries closes tomorrow. We’ve only got one day left to influence the council to do the right thing. Together, we can make sure both nurseries are safeguarded for future generations. But it will take one last push from all of us.

If we all email the council telling them to keep the nurseries open, we could persuade them to do just this. You can send the council an email in just two minutes on the 38 Degrees website.

Keeping Clifton and Lambert open is one of eight options on the table. But only one of them, option seven, will do this. If we all speak up, it’ll put the council under massive pressure to scrap their plans to close the nurseries down.

It was 38 Degrees members in Hull who showed the council that these nurseries are really important to local people. We proved there was a big backlash against their plans and they were forced to extend their consultation. So let’s ramp up the pressure they’re under even further – by flooding the consultation with calls to save the nurseries.

Nurseries help give local children a great start in life. Many of us know how nerve-wracking it is to take a child to nursery school for the first time. It makes a world of difference to know that you’re leaving your child with friendly, patient and well-qualified staff.

It’s really simple to send the email and there’s some suggested text when you click the link. Let’s not allow the council to close down our brilliant nurseries. Please take two minutes to email the council now. You can do it HERE.

Thanks so much,

Dr. Julian Haseldine, 38 Degrees member from Hull.


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