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Aug 1st, 2013

One Women – One Toilet – No Permission

By becky


Acts of protest take all shapes and sizes, and today Lin Patterson a 38 Degrees member from Bath is doing something pretty extraordinary, she is occupying her local public toilet for at least the next 72 hours.

Lin has just spent her first night locked in the cubicle of a local public toilet which was due to be closed by Bath council today. She’s going to be there all day, all night. It’s going to be tough and pretty uncomfortable. Can you imagine sleeping and eating in a public loo?

Can you support Lin whilst she’s ‘on the loo’? Click here to sign the petition:

Lin hopes that her personal stand will help highlight just what public toilets mean to people. As many as 1 in 3 women suffer from incontinence issues that make an accessible public toilet essential, and many older people in particular will be anxious about leaving home and the potential indignity of being caught short in their local area.

The petition is growing fast and if it reaches 1,000 signatures Bath council will have to hold a public debate on the issue and hopefully reverse the decision to close these loos.

We’re rooting for Lin here in the 38 Degrees office. It’s not often that someone takes a personal stand like this. Lets help keep her spirits up with messages of support on #occupytoilet and of course by signing the petition:

And, if you’re in Bath, stop by Twerton public loo and say hello in person.

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